Welcome to our website, we offer you a variety of walks through the Golden Prague! 

We'll be very grateful if you choose our company for the organization of your holiday. We know what places in Prague you should visit to the memories of this city were more expressive and bright. We are happy to advise you where to go and worth to see. And went back and admire with you! 

Our service will inspire you and you want to come back to this town again and again!

We pay great attention to the quality of our work, as it is our calling card. We will help you get a memorable the city and learn to look at it from different sides so that it played a kaleidoscope of bright colors.

Prague opens each time the traveler on the other side and gives a new experience. You can visit the city whenever you want, in whatever season and time of year, and each new visit will be marked by new knowledge and new opportunities for recreation and entertainment. We will give you the opportunity to see the city in all guises, you discover the secret of his appearance to please even the most exacting and discerning traveler. 

Take advantage of our services and get unforgettable impressions!

An individual approach to our client is our priority. We focus on providing smaller tours which allows the guides to give their full attention to their clients, offering knowledgeable answers to their every question. In small groups (even pairs or groups of three), you can move through the city, packed year-round with tourists, quickly and flexibly. This allows you to spend more time at each location instead of squandering precious moments slowly trailing from building to building as often occurs on large tours, and gives you the opportunity to learn much more.

Of course, we are able to accommodate large groups on our tours and excursions outside Prague as well if arranged beforehand.

We prefer live tours to static recordings which lack space for gentle humor, creativity, living legend, updates from the current social, cultural and political life of Prague and the entire country as well as mutual interaction between you and the tour guide who can offer exhaustive answers to your every question.

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